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Elisha Brown

Spirit Lifestyle Coach

A Spirit Lifestyle coach is devotion to helping transform the lives of people by directing them to Jesus, teaching them to live a life led by the Holy Spirit, and extending His Kingdom in love and power to others as they move forward in their journey. Elisha is a believer of the God of miracles and want to share that kingdom awareness daily. Having personal encounters with Jesus herself, prophetic dreams, and experiencing healings and deliverance, she has devoted her service to God in response to the gift of salvation. Elisha believes that our greatest calling is to serve Him with all our heart and our greatest hope is that we may one day stand before our Lord Jesus and hear the words "Well done, good and faithful servant". Matthew 25:21


School of the Holy Spirit

Elisha has a passion for the presence of God and to see others grow in walking in a Holy Spirit lifestyle. Sign up for the email distribution for weekly zoom classes and experience more daily adventures with Jesus.


"Elisha is a fierce prayer warrior who has blessed my husband and I beyond belief. We learned that a 6 cm x 4 cm mass was found behind my uterus and could prevent conception as well as require surgery. We shared our story with Elisha. She was very empathetic and began praying for us. She also shared personal testimonies with us about conception, fertility, and demonstration of the power of prayer. We followed up with the doctors and the results came back that the large hemorrhagic mass had resolved! I truly believe it was due to Elisha praying over us and casting out the devil. Elisha makes and awesome addition to the Spirit Lifestyle community."

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