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Cart B4 The 🐎 (Acts 2:39)

If the sincere inner intent of my heart is to please God then I’m drawn and inclined to seek His will in every decision I make.(Proverbs 3:5-6) My life and times are in His hands. I delight myself in Him and consequently He places His desires in my heart. (Psalm 37:4) If I follow his principles then I’m eligible to receive His promises! Yes his promises cover my health, wealth and success in life but that’s just the gravy. His promise is for my children (Acts 2:39, 16:31)!!!

The very first lives that my witness should affect is my household, if that’s not happening then I’ve got to get some things in proper bible order.

God hasn’t given me any office or position in church that is so demanding that it throws my first ministry out of balance! Somewhere I got a little ambitious and off track (Proverbs 14:12) …. and the evidence will always be right there in the family photo. If the promise can’t be visibly seen through the whole house then we still got work to do.

I believe the greatest sign of a life well lived for Christ will always be that your family willingly wants to serve the same God they see and sense in you. That’s the promise!

(ACTS 2:39)

Father, align our hearts to do your will and plan & make us immune and allergic to anything that will discourage our seed from wanting to follow you.


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