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The Havoc of Divorce

Very few people consider the havoc DIVORCE wreaks on the children internally, emotionally & in totality. #Catostrophic

The ones who didn’t ask to be here in most cases are the ones left standing in the center of the crater that the atomic bomb left.

Marriage is indeed a commitment and a covenant between two mature individuals. As we embark on the journey we must budget for trials, tribulations, struggles, frustration and etc. They will indeed come, but as our marriages reflect the healthy relationships we have with God then we will understand the grace that we need to extend to our spouses.

At this point our children would be able to retain the benefits they deserve, an unbroken home, affirmation, true love without motive & the life God intended for them when their parents first stood at the altar!

To prevent commiting to toxic relationships, ask questions, do some serious vetting (Background checks), BEFORE we rush off presumptuously into serious relationships (before the children are even thought of!)

Because if we do?!? The issues that ultimately causes divorce will be visible and plain to see before we even move to the position of intimacy.

Fact is, those spouses were toxic before the children were even conceived. We owe it to our unborn children to be proactive. So they can lead the lives God intended, Lives that reflect an unbroken covenant.

Some may say that people change, then what?

Well, unfortunately, people do change.

- God never does. Malachi 3:6

… The marriage covenant is between husband, wife and God, and if we keep GOD where he is designed to be in marriage “The grace is there to help us through every bend and turn”

and #Whewww !! God giving me a second chance - That’s grace.

Now I owe that same grace to this toxic person that I am in covenant with.

It’s only fair, here’s how Jesus put it- “Forgive us our debts as (or with the same energy) that we forgive our debtors.”

On the other hand, if safety is a concern, if there is abuse, please take the necessary steps to ensure you and the children (if applicable) are safe.


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