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Deliverance From Spirit Spouse

A dear brother reached out for prayer as he desperately wanted to be free from a spirit spouse (incubus/succubus). He said 10 years ago he had a dream about his auntie feeding him food. In the dream he specifically remembered eating an onion. When he woke from the dream he still had a very strong taste of onion in his mouth. He went to his aunt to tell her about the dream, to see if she could explain it’s meaning. His aunt looked at him blank faced, turned and just walked away. From that day the spiritual attacks began. She initiated him into ancestral witchcraft. Over the 10 years he noticed the demonic spirits aggression worsening. He was attacked constantly at night. Nothing worked in his life, including relationships.

We prayed over zoom and he testified of feeling numbness over his entire body. Then he got extremely hot all over. He had to remove his jacket. His hands cupped around his face as he wept. We were both overwhelmed by the presence and love of our Jesus. I followed up with him today and he said there has been no attacks since prayer. He is completely free through Jesus. Hallelujah!!

Hi response:

"Thank you for checking on me. Well, things have changed completely. Especially my faith. Its now clear and its getting clearer by the day. I have never had any attacks so far and l will never have them again in Jesus name Amen. "

If you’re experiencing any form of spiritual attacks, know that you can be free today. Our God is BIG and STRONGER than the oldest ancestral demon. God is the highest power! Standing in agreement with you for freedom right now through Jesus!


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