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Testimony : Marriage (Spiritual & Emotional Healing)

Alperlonia from Alabama reached out for advice, she had been having marriage issues and was considering divorce. She just wanted someone to talk to. We never spoke before but she felt led by God to message me because she was suffering emotionally and spiritually. She was confused on why things were going the way they were going. She had been best friends with her husband and this year suddenly it felt like they were enemies. We chatted over the phone. As she was sharing her concerns I took notes. Then I encouraged her in the word. I also asked her if I could pray with her before we got off the call. She was willing and allowed me to walk her through repentance and renouncing all the things that I wrote down, some things she told me about, some things Holy Spirit inspired.

She rededicated her life to God and EVERYTHING changed. I could not see her but I could hear her voice, the breathing, the shakiness, the excitement. She has seen a complete turn around in her marriage since we prayed. The tormenting thoughts, emotions, word curses, anger, all stopped. Her husband saw the difference and even apologized. I am so overjoyed for this dear sister. I was in tears as I read her testimony. I knew what I felt from my end but to hear what she experienced on her end was absolutely remarkable. I couldn't see her because we were over the phone. But God see's and is everywhere we are. Hallelujah! These are her words:

"Hi Elisha, thank you so much for your openness to not only hear about the things I've been experiencing but to stand in faith with me. Prior to the encounter with God through you, I had been feeling very lost. Like in a vase space where I didn't recognize myself or anything around me. I was without direction. Then I'd shift to feeling very depressed. Daily I would battle being sure of myself and my life and during the same day, I would shift suddenly into uncertainty, anxiousness, isolation, and depression. Also, over the past few years, I had begun getting very angry. Randomly and in reaction to small annoyances even I would become irritable. I want to thank you for helping me understand that I'd been being tormented by the spirit of anger, an orphan spirit, unforgiveness, etc. to name a few. As you know there were quite a few to renounce. The scary part is I would have assumed I was not carrying them since I'd consider myself to be a believer. Boy were my eyes opened. You helped me realize how real the spiritual realm is. I had no idea, but could clearly see their fruits in my life and personality after you identified them. I mostly want to tell you that while you were praying for me to be delivered, Elisha I began to feel a strong urge to blow outward like a huge exhale. Repeatedly my cheeks puffed with air and I would blow outward. Also, it's as if I was under the influence of something and could not hold my head steady. At one point my head literally dropped forward. Then it would fall back. All in the motion as if I was in a drunken state where a person can't hold their head up. Also, my hand began to tremble while I held the phone. My hand begin shaking/rattling back and forth as I tried to hold the phone to my ear. I've not ever experienced anything like this before. I was conscious and could hear you. All I knew is wow, I have to at least do my best to not drop the phone. It was obvious that SOMETHING was happening. Due to what I was experiencing I knew I had to hold the phone tight so that my spirit man could hear you. It was shocking for me to witness that I was clearly experiencing the spirits being disturbed and having to leave under the authority of your voice. I don't know any other way that would explain what was happening. As my head stopped moving as if I was exhausted or under the influence of something and the blowing subsided you then began to pray for the holy spirit to enter and fill me. Elisha, I felt a strong, heated burning sensation begin to heat my right hand. I grabbed my right hand with my left hand. However, the hotness I felt in my hand didn't hurt. Again, I was shocked and have not ever experienced anything like this. It didn't scare me. It shocked me! I was so overwhelmed with this feeling of joy and relief. I struggle to put words to describe the state of being that came over me. To this very moment, I have a hunger for the things of Christ. I yearn for his presence. I look for opportunities to constantly make my inner and outer environment conducive for his presence to dwell with me. Thank you for the work of the Lord that you are doing. I am soon to be 35 and I feel like I felt when I first received the Holy Spirit 20 years ago. God used you to bring me back to him. I am healed, no longer tormented and am set free! I know without question my life will never be the same after the encounter we had AND IT WAS OVER THE PHONE! WOW!! There is not anything God can not do!!!! Hallelujah! I LOVE LOVE LOVE you!!!!"


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