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FYI, I never asked for this 🧥 coat, my father gave it to me! Gen. 37:3-4

As a father, I have the innate ability to discern the differences between my children. They are all different. I see their strengths, their weaknesses, they're proclivities and I see them first. A good father will take what he sees and speak their children into the purpose that will better suit their life!

Having said that, when I look back into this passage of scripture Genesis 37 (with the wisdom of a father) I’m quickly made aware that Joseph had nothing to do with the Ire that came from his siblings.

It wasn’t arrogance, self righteousness or ego on Joseph’s behalf at all!

He was simply minding his business, and being who he was , his father saw who he was and gave him that coat of many colors!

All of the turmoil that followed soon after he put on that jacket didn’t stop the destiny that his father saw …. but Joseph did have to walk alone to see that destiny fulfilled.

A fathers voice and vision is priceless because it gives you the assurance to journey through until you see it fully performed.


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