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Testimony : Deliverance From Trauma's

We met with Tania from New Zealand via zoom. She was suffering a lot and experienced trauma's through life. Because of abuse in her childhood, she started to date women and almost got married. She found out about Jesus 10 years ago and canceled the wedding plans and eventually parted ways with her partner who didn’t want to live for Jesus. Tania wanted to change her life and have been on a journey since then but have been tormented constantly with unclean thinking and spirits arousing her. During prayer we walked through repentance, renouncing all the things she was struggling with and commanding it to go in Jesus name. God delivered her from soul ties, spirit spouses, sexual perversions and familiar spirits. She began to shake and the spirits in her told me “No”, they glared at me through her eyes. I looked right back at them and told them yes, every knee shall bow at the name of Jesus, its her time to be free. And she was indeed freed. She sent a testimony of her experience, this is part of what she sent. Glory to Jesus forever 🙌🏽🔥🔥🔥

"As you know i had been asking the Lord to deliver me for the longest time because i was so tired of living a lukewarm lifestyle of one foot in one foot out, wanting to serve him but constantly falling into willful sin. When i reached out to you for prayer spiritual battle began. Part of me was crying out for freedom & part of me was angry & wanting to run & hide. I didn't expect or even want you to respond but you did & from that moment i knew i had to commit to following it through. From the day you emailed me up until the day of our meeting i felt nauseous. My heart would constantly have palpitations just thinking about it. I've never really suffered from anxiety & i am naturally a pretty laid-back kind of person so to be experiencing that amount of fear & anxiety really freaked me out! I honestly did not know what to expect.

It may not have seemed like it but when i saw you & you started speaking with me everything in me just wanted to jump out of my car & run! I was so scared, whatever was in me did not want me sitting there in front of you. When you started the deliverance prayer i immediately did not want to look at you. Well, i think the demons inside of me did not want me to look at you. I wasn't scared & it didn't hurt but it was a really strange thing to have experienced. There was something about yours eyes though... they did not want to look at your eyes! But i knew the holy spirit was there helping me to stay focused on you throughout the entire deliverance, praise God! As you were praying for me my entire body started to shake, from my mid section & arms down to my feet then back up to my head. The shaking was not so bad at first but as the time went on it got stronger & stronger. Then i felt myself taking really deep breaths!

It's strange but i feel as though whatever was in me was trying to use those deep breaths to keep themselves as far down in my body as they could go in order not to get pulled out. But Elisha!.... My goodness! When you began to simply say... Jesus... Jesus... Jesus... Jesus.... Jesus....over & over again... I could feel they absolutely hated it!! Even though you weren't yelling your voice had power! Whenever you said 'HIS NAME' I could feel my body shake more & more violently! The best way i can describe that moment..... Every time you said 'Jesus' ... WOW!! It was like a nuclear bomb was exploding inside of my body!! No jokes! So, so powerful!! Jesus... BOOM!! ☢️🚀🔥.... Jesus... BOOM!! ☢️🚀🔥 Now i understand why they say there is power in the name of Jesus....Because there really is power in HIS NAME!! And He really is the name above all names!! Praise you Jesus!! 🙌🙌🙌 I'm feeling so peaceful, clear headed & Awake like i just drank 20 cups of coffee. Thank you so much for taking the time to pray with me & walk me through my deliverance."


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